Snatching Night Serpents




Mud Blossoms & the Ghost of Dreams

When night falls and dreams awake on the mystic mud flats of old Spawn Lake we hear the mud blossoms say:

Mud pie suit of clay the ghosts of dreams are moving this way.








Resistance Is Flutile




The Smelter

(A Self-Smelt Smelt Portrait)




The Garships Return to Two Moon Lagoon



Conspicuous Combustion



Information Waist Deep in the Lily Pond


Who Am I This Time?


Spitfire Choir

(A Far Hue & Cry)


The Dreams I Don't Remember. . . Whew




Inanna Pets the Fire




Periwinkle Meriweather, Faerie of Forgotten Dreams




Sunbather with Hippodrones and Beach Bones




"Don't Believe Them" eye cried, "Flying Dogs Don't Fly the Sky, They Glide."




Catnap In The Breakfast Nook




Blue Galoot Suit




Pluviose Is Bleeding




Mascot & Me

Mighty Mean Mask Nots with Chirpas




Garrival of Garfleet




Hippodrones With Air Guitars  Plugged Foolishly Into the National Powergrid of the Electricity




Medusa Oblongatta's Roadside Snake Farm

(You're In Good Hands With  Snake Farm)




Star Man Night Game




Hobart's Happy Nappy Snappy Hat




 Ad Space 4 Sale




Hippodrone With Flight Jacket




The Theo,  Tio & Leo Trio








Above and Beyond the Bewilderness




Cats & Dogs Playing Together




Runes of the Gilluminati




Chirpas At The Art Gar Museum




Eye Witless




Woman With Blue Pearls




Silent Sirens at the Portals of Spring.  You Can Feel Them Humming But You Can't Hear Them Sing.   A Band of Chirpas Traverse the Path. 




Womb With A View












Christmas Morning, 2007




Elbow Room Trio Del Frio
















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