Next Up



Fire Song of Silk and Steel



Erif Gnos Hand Fed Honyocks








Once in a  Crescent Blue Moon, Runway Strut and Fashion Hat, Maybe You Had a Girl with a Coat Like That










Certain Suspicions Were Aroused Just Now, When You Showed Up in Line, Late as Usual, For the Blue Moon Dance Troupe Auditions




Paint My Wings Like Ruby Lips - I'm Hiding in Plain Sight - Quiet Now We Must Not Move The Cats Are Out Tonight




Bird Downtown




Full Bulbous Meathead 




Few   Man   Chew




Ascensionary  Jerry,   Mary  &  Larry







Nudes  With  Bird



The  Bradley  "Puff"  Adler  Jazz   Trumpeteer  Triptych



The   Joint  Was  Hoppin'



Fishhead  Fishhead  Fishhead  Suit



Nudes  Without  Bird



Yucatan   Handman






Bi-Ped   Pile




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